About Verve Fund. 

Verve Fund is an equity crowdfunding platform for luxury assets.

We enable accredited and unaccredited investors to come together and passionately invest.

Verve Fund enables investors to equity crowdfund through ACH, credit card, or Bitcoin. 


In compliance with Title 3 of the Jobs Act, If either of an investor’s annual income or net worth is less than $100,000, then the investor’s investment limit is $2,000 a year, or 5% of the lesser of the investor’s annual income or net worth. 


As stated on the SEC website,

“If both annual income and net worth are equal to or more than $100,000, then the investor’s limit is 10 percent of the lesser of their annual income or net worth.


During the 12-month period, the aggregate amount of securities sold to an investor through all Regulation Crowdfunding offerings may not exceed $100,000, regardless of the investor’s annual income or net worth.”


Spouses are allowed to calculate their net worth and annual income jointly.”


Upon registering on Verve Fund and verifying accreditation status, investors will be able to begin crowdfunding luxury assets.


Our Advisors

Throughout the year we have put together an incredible team of advisors who work with a number of incredible corporations.


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